Picasso Update: Producing Blocks on the Kusama Network

Composable Foundation
2 min readNov 27, 2021

Composable Finance’s Picasso launched on the Kusama Network as a Parachain and has started producing blocks. We are thrilled for this opportunity and look forward to involving the community and developers that share our vision as we continue to roll out our solution.

Auction Recap

Our team is still beyond excited that Composable Finance officially realized Picasso by winning the 13th Kusama parachain auction slot. We want to again thank our amazing community for their continued support throughout every step of this incredible journey. Our team is working hard to continue building and deploying our Picasso Network. We want to keep our community up to date with information on our roll out process and development updates.

Future Outlook

Exciting times are ahead! Our team is edging closer to releasing an official roadmap that outlines our development updates and future plans. We are working towards building a knowledge hub to provide our community with the necessary information and tools to build a deep understanding of substrate pallets. Apollo, Cubic, and Angular Finance will be highlighted to demonstrate the benefits of pallets as we continue to develop the core infrastructure that aligns us with our pallet onboarding plans.

We are excited to start opening up development and participation opportunities within our Picasso Network. Specifically, we are encouraging our community of developers to look over the capabilities of Pallets, which will be the first building blocks to be onboarded into our ecosystem. In order to support Pallet developers building on Picasso, we are leveraging Composable Labs. Composable Labs has launched the Composable Grant Program providing development, funding, and thought leadership support for promising Pallet projects.

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