Celebrating our Procurement of a Kusama Parachain for Picasso

We at Composable, are elated to announce that our efforts to obtain a Kusama parachain for Picasso have been successful — thanks to the immense support from you, our Community. We invite you to join our community call tonight to join us as we celebrate this major achievement!

Composable Finance has won the 13th Kusama parachain auction slot, successfully securing a parachain to build out and deploy our Picasso network.

We are celebrating this procurement with the community members who have provided invaluable help along the way, and look forward to pushing forward at an accelerated pace with developing Picasso along this new parachain.

Celebrate with Us!

Composable is devoted to making DeFi truly interoperable, user-friendly, and flexible — and the support by our community has demonstrated the need for our solutions within this space. You, the community have all shown your support in many ways, particularly by helping us to stake an impressive 115k KSM in the most recent Kusama parachain auction. As a result, Composable is the 13th project to earn a piece of this highly in-demand technology.

We are excited to celebrate with the community that has made this possible — We invite all to join us for a community call tonight, November 1st, at 8PM CET on our Discord channel. Our project’s team wants to personally thank our community and express our appreciation for this momentous development. You have propelled us further as we create the Face of DeFi’s future.

Picasso’s Next Steps

With a parachain slot successfully secured on Kusama for Picasso, we can now move all of the progress we have made to this new setting, and test out performance there, before opening up even further community development and participation opportunities.

Be sure to look out for more posts in the near future outlining our plans for Polkadot parachain procurement, and for the details on how our Kusama and Polkadot parachains will synergize.

Thank You once again all for your support thus far, and we look forward to celebrating with you tonight!

Onwards and upwards!

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future, check out our socials:

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website | GitHub | LinkedIn

The face of DeFi's future.

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Composable Finance

Composable Finance

The face of DeFi's future.

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