Mural Launch Celebration: NFT Giveaway Announcement!

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3 min readDec 9, 2021

Disclaimer: Information as of Dec 9, 2021. For the most recent updates, dive into our comprehensive documentation here.

Composable Finance is celebrating our newest ecosystem addition, Mural, the NFT bridge built on Mosaic. We are thrilled to be entering the NFT space and see Mural as a crucial piece to the adoption and further innovation of NFTs across different sectors and verticals. We are unlocking the potential of NFTs across different platforms, chains, and layers to enhance the availability and usability of these unique digital assets. See the Mural announcement for more information on this exciting project.


We are the face of DeFi future but we also take great pride in sitting at the crossroads of innovation and design. We are deeply inspired by art, as demonstrated by Picasso and Mosaic, so naturally, we are excited about the future potential of NFTs. As we enter this space and propel it to new heights, we are also participating in the creation and use of NFTs across our connected ecosystem.

Our long-standing commitment to creativity as reflected in our brand and identity extends beyond just aesthetics, it is the very ethos that we build with. Imagination and creativity are crucial to our development and power our innovation. With this in mind, we want to celebrate the embodiment of creativity and showcase the emerging artist in Kusama’s growing NFT creator community. That’s why every month not only will we be opening up the stage for other creatives and digital artists to come together but to ensure that we continue to nurture, support and create a seamless and accessible future for those that dare to imagine.

Our Medium will also showcase and feature interviews with NFT artists both established and emerging in the Kusama space.

To celebrate the launch of Mural we are hosting a giveaway for the first official [Picasso-NFT].

Picasso NFT by the renowned artist — Yumi

We have been collaborating with Yumi to create “Picasso” inspired NFTs to support not only our growing community but to also engage with the broader NFT community that we are joining in the Kusama ecosystem. Yumi utilizes RMRK, a Kusama native NFT standard and they have one of the most popular NFT collections, the Kitty Paradise collection, in this fast-growing community. RMRK NFT collections are housed on the Singular marketplace. This is just the teaser, as we are working on many other pieces with unique representation to promote growth and utility within our ecosystem.

How to Participate

You can participate in the giveaway in three simple steps:

  1. Follow @ComposableFin on Twitter
  2. Share the official Composable give-away tweet
  3. Comment $PICA on the give-away tweet to let us know you are participating

The winner will be announced Sunday, December 19th. Please ensure you have followed the 3 steps above to be eligible for the giveaway.

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