Reimagining Parachain Auctions with an Ethereum Vault Strategy

Amidst all of the hype in the DeFi space over parachains, Composable Finance is introducing a new solution which allows for participation in our parachain with ETH or any ERC-20 token asset, rather than purchasing DOT/KSM and leaving it to sit. With our novel approach, we expand our ability to stake DOT/KSM and allow for users to continue to gain profits on their staked assets.

This new solution comes at a critical time; Polkadot’s canary-network Kusama recently announced the deployment of test parachain auctions, a crucial step to full roll-out.

Why Parachains…

Vault Strategy Rewards for the Next 90 Days

In addition to our previously announced rewards of 0.7% of the Composable (LAYR) token distributed throughout our parachain strategy’s third week (link), we are providing further incentives for participating over the next 90 days. Thus, we reward users for their assistance in helping us continue to procure the KSM/DOT tokens needed for obtaining a Kusama or Polkadot parachain at auction.

Rewards will be available across a 90 day period starting on July 20th, with incentives being concentrated earlier in the time frame.

In the first 10 days, we will be distributing 780,000…

Announcing the Cap Lift on our Parachain Vault Strategy, Rewards for the third week, and Lock-up Incentives

We are lifting the caps on our vault strategy starting on Tuesday July 13th at 10am CET, allowing additional participation in our methodology.

We are introducing additional incentives for this third week of the strategy, as we transition to uncapped vaults. 0.7% of the native Composable (LAYR) token supply will be distributed to stakers throughout the third week, as soon as the caps are lifted.

We are also introducing a lock contract for pAT to boost earned Composable Tokens by 25%.

Sometime in the third week of our parachain auction strategy deployment, we will be releasing a lock contract for our parachain Auction Tokens (pAT, our receipt tokens memorializing participation in our strategy). …


Many of you were with us as it happened. Our parachain auction vault was open for less than 8 hours before capping out. Of course, we didn’t expect anything less — you lot aren’t much for sleeping in.

To celebrate the achievement we’re launching the #RaiseTheCaps meme contest.

We want to see your best meme, artwork, infographic, or any type of visual representation that best conveys your excitement for the #RaiseTheCaps event next week. Let’s get these vaults back open!!

How to enter Composable #RaiseTheCap Meme Contest

  • 1️. Enter Here
  • 2️. Tweet your meme, tag @ComposableFin, and add a…

Composable’s Vault Strategy Kicking off Bug Bounty Via Immunefi

Composable Finance is ensuring the security of its novel vault strategy for parachain procurement through a bug bounty. This bug bounty program will be hosted through Immunefi, and will provide users with incentives to determine any limitations or possible exploitations of our vault offering.

Bug Bounty Details:

Composable is initiating a bug bounty via Immunefi for identification of bugs and other weaknesses in the coding of our vaults in our parachain procurement strategy.

150,000 USDC will be set aside for bounty rewards on any identified smart contract vulnerabilities, and 0.05% of…

Announcing Composable’s Parachain Auction Vaults

Composable Finance is excited to announce the launch of our parachain vault strategy.

Launch Details:

Composable’s vault will launch on Tuesday 29th June at 10am CET, and at launch will accept three stablecoins: USDC, USDT, and DAI. The initial cap for total value locked (TVL) in the vaults will be $15 million collectively, which will be lifted after the following objectives are achieved:

  • Smart contracts are determined to be stable
  • All vulnerabilities of severity levels 0 or 1 (the most severe) are closed (if any)

These security vulnerabilities will be appraised as part of a…

Composable Announces the Completion of Trail of Bits’ Audit

Composable Finance is pleased to announce the completion of an audit of various aspects of its protocol by renowned blockchain security auditing firm Trail of Bits. This audit specifically involved a review of Composable’s Polkadot vault strategies and Equal Cash (EQLC) stablecoin. This audit helps fulfill Composable’s goal of providing the best services to its users, which necessitates delivering a secure and useful platform.

What did this audit involve?

Trail of Bits performed an audit of the smart contract code behind Composable’s Polkadot vault strategies and EQLC. Once Trail of Bits…

Composable is Building on Polkadot to Facilitate Cross-Chain Interoperability at All Levels

A critical component of Composable’s interoperability infrastructure will be built along a parachain — initially on Kusama, then on the Polkadot Network. Composable aims to leverage a Polkadot parachain to architect a solution capable of running all smart contract languages together and in communication with each other along one parachain.

This enables the full cross-chain interoperability of DeFi protocols at all levels, without the need for bridges. As a result, DeFi becomes far more functional, flexible, and streamlined.

Why Polkadot?

Composable Finance is opting to build its cross-chain…

Composable Finance and Polygon are joining forces to integrate Polygon’s scaling solution into Composable’s Layer 2 — Layer 2 bridge.

What the Partnership Entails:

Composable‘s Layer 2 — Layer 2 Bridge links existing layer 2 (L2) scaling solutions together, vastly improving the time delays, complications, and costs associated with this process. Composable is incredibly excited to be able to collaborate with Polygon to integrate their scaling solution into this bridge; this will allow Composable to most optimally link Polygon with its bridge and other scaling solutions. …

The most recent round of funding for Composable Finance has officially closed, raising a total of $7 million. This is an incredible step for the company, pushing it into the future and towards new advancements. Leading this round were Advanced Blockchain AG and Rarestone Capital, both of which are key venture capitalists investing in the blockchain industry. Together these organizations used strategic investors to make this funding round a success. Onboarding these new investors will play a key role in the future of the company. …

Composable Finance

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