Dev Log no.3


Financial NFTs




Other developments

  • We are working to open the HRMP channels with Statemine and Karura. We have added the xtokens to runtime and reviewed existing Governance proposals to open further channels. The transfers will have test runs in the Devnet and we aim to open the channels when onboarded.
  • To facilitate easier API integration, we are looking to use Subsquid, a blockchain indexing solution used by other parachains such as Moonbeam, Acala, etc. We can use Subsquid across Picasso, Composable, and Angular. Our tech team is detailing the specifications from our side, such as funds raised aggregator RPBC, volume aggregator solution for LBP, etc. to be discussed with the Subsquid team.
  • We are building the Apollo oracle as a pallet and continuing with the pallet rollout.



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