Composable and t3rn working together to expand DeFi Cross-Chain Interoperability

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3 min readNov 18, 2021

Composable Labs is pleased to announce its partnership with t3rn, an interoperable smart contracts platform. Our partnership with t3rn will help expand the reach of our powerful cross-chain virtual machine (XCVM) which helps to orchestrate and compute smart contract functions across different layer 1 and layer 2 networks autonomously. t3rn will also explore deploying as one of the first pallets on Picasso. With this partnership, we are taking another step towards achieving our goal of creating seamless cross-chain interoperability across DeFi.

More about t3rn

t3rn is an interoperable smart contract hosting platform with a built-in fail-safe mechanism that guarantees multi-chain execution. Operating as an interoperable circuit and gateway for accessing a rich pool of composable smart contracts across Kusama, Polkadot, Ethereum and other blockchains, t3rn was created to tackle some of the most prominent issues in blockchain technology and open source development. As a platform bent on supporting the open-source industry, t3rn facilitates seamless collaboration between parties contributing open source code and other stakeholders leveraging the vast tools devs build to ensure that all participants benefit accordingly.

Composable x t3rn: Our motivation

Composable’s partnership with t3rn will allow us to create an expanded, seamless interoperability network between t3rn’s smart contracts protocol and our cross-chain virtual machine. Essentially, t3rn operates on three core functionalities — interoperability, fail-safe, and composability — which connects the most widely adopted blockchains in the world through its unique gateway solution. The t3rn gateway solution also has the capacity to provide reversible execution of smart contracts.

Composable’s XCVM provides a single point interface that enables developers to interact with different bridges. It handles all aspects of a smart contract, such as routing, callbacks, and finality. Our XCVM leverages our Innovation Availability Layer to provide decentralized bridges that support cross-chain and cross-layer transactions.

Integrating t3rn with our interoperable virtual machine system makes it possible for all users to efficiently run cross-chain transferrals and mitigate technical issues that limit developers creativity while impacting end-users in terms of costly transactions and other bottlenecks. It further provides the opportunity for Composable suite of product users to maximize cross-chain or L2 benefits with minimal effort. Liquidity pooling, yield farming, and arbitraging protocols are well placed to reap the bounties of this integration.

Our approach is multifaceted, and it is intended to synergize the operational functionalities of various blockchains and Layer 2 scaling solutions. The result will be a single access point that we call the Innovation Availability Layer (IAL), which relays to our cross-chain virtual machine. By design, our XCVM will be the core that autonomously facilitates smart contracts functions across different L1 and L2 networks. Thus, availing the broader DeFi community of the much sought after framework for chain-agnostic settlements with minimal efforts.

We are dedicated to simplifying DeFi processes through the creation of a user-friendly ecosystem, one that reduces costs and increases efficiency at neck-breaking speed towards a mature DeFi industry benefiting several stakeholders across the spectrum.

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