Welcoming Henry Love as Board Member and Executive Director of The Composable Foundation

Composable Foundation
3 min readOct 26, 2023

We are excited to announce the appointment of Henry Love as a Board Member and the Executive Director of Composable Foundation. This appointment comes at a crucial time when Composable is expanding and gaining momentum, backed by a diverse group of supporters and contributors from multiple countries and ecosystems.

About Henry Love:

Henry Love is a seasoned founder, VC, and executive. Prior to joining the Composable Foundation, Henry held the position of Managing Partner and the Head of US operation for Fundamental Labs, a leading crypto-focused venture fund based in Singapore. Before joining Fundamental Labs, Henry co-founded a crypto corporate venture studio, YGC, and its spin out company Executive Council Network (ECN). He joined the crypto industry by stepping in as the Chief Investment Officer at a crypto-focused family office who pioneered the industry after leaving Facebook as a top performer in the marketing, e-commerce, & strategy division.

Fundamental Labs, founded in 2016, has an impressive portfolio that includes industry giants like Coinbase, Binance.US, Polkadot, and Filecoin, among 300+ mostly infrastructure-focused projects. Fundamental Labs is a part of the CTH group, a pioneer in Computing/Bitcoin Mining, Regulatory Compliance for trading and payments, and a supporter of dedicated founders in the blockchain space since 2016. Additionally, Fundamental Labs is an early supporter of Composable, having backed them during their Series-A round.

The Role and Vision

Henry’s role at the Composable Foundation is multi-faceted. He will be instrumental in:

  • Overseeing the Foundation Members: Supporting the work of members who are part of the Foundation.
  • Guiding the Treasury: Ensuring the Foundation’s resources are allocated effectively to maximize impact.
  • Fostering Global Collaboration: Building stronger ties with contributors from around the world to enrich our ecosystem.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Working closely with stakeholders across various ecosystems to create synergies and drive innovation.

A Message from Henry Love

“I first spoke with Omar in 2021 about the inevitable future where multiple crypto ecosystems not only co-exist but thrive. The key to this harmonious future is collaboration and cross-ecosystem innovation. Composable’s adoption of IBC, the most robust and technically sound cross-chain communication protocol, made it a natural fit for us to back them during their Series A round along with esteemed partners like Blockchain Capital and Jump.

What sets Composable apart is the resilience and hard work of its core contributors. They’ve faced challenges head-on and let their groundbreaking products, like the first IBC implementation connecting Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos, and Ethereum, speak for themselves.

After many late-night discussions on technical product development with Blas & Miguel at Polkadot Decode, and further discussion around the future of Composable with Omar at Cosmoverse, I’m excited to take another significant step to support Composable’s mission: building a base layer for chain-agnostic executions.”

We’re excited to see how Henry’s addition to our leadership will propel the Composable Foundation to new heights, fostering innovation and collaboration across ecosystems.