The future of Mosaic: optimizing our bridging approach for trustless DeFi

Composable Finance
3 min readSep 20, 2022


In our bid to advance trustless bridging as the standard across all of DeFi, we have pioneered the first trustless bridge between KSM<>DOT via IBC. For detailed information on how this works, see the announcement by our Founder and CEO 0xBrainjar. Part of the announcement includes the future of Mosaic. By leveraging the pioneering UX Mosaic offered, we are winding down its further development while simultaneously utilizing and optimizing what we have already built, namely the UX and design features, for our trustless solutions.

Realignment of Mosaic

Mosaic will remain a key component of the Composable ecosystem, however, we are departing from the trusted architecture of Phase 1 and 2. Instead, we are focusing our efforts, for Mosaic, on leveraging what we have built in terms of UX to optimize our trustless solutions. In this way, Mosaic will become the underlying UX for our trustless bridges. With this in mind, and in preparation to primarily focus on the launch of Picasso, Pablo, and the IBC DOT<>KSM bridge, we will now be winding down our initial Mosaic PoC.

Users who have previously deposited into Mosaic should therefore now withdraw their funds.

Withdrawals for liquidity providers

Liquidity providers can now withdraw their remaining funds by visiting Mosaic. If you require additional assistance please create a ticket by visiting the support arena on our Discord.

Mosaic’s role moving forward

Mosaic will still play a crucial, albeit modified role within the Composable ecosystem. Mosaic’s UX will provide a familiar frontend for users to interact with our underlying trustless bridging infrastructure. Part of this improved UX will be ensuring that users have the required gas token for the ecosystem they are bridging into. This functionality, along with other important UX components will be made available on; Polkadot, Kusama, NEAR, Cosmos, and more to come.

We thoroughly believe that trustless bridging is the ONLY way forward for mass adoption and sustainable cross-chain DeFi. As such, due to Mosaic phase 1’s reliance on trusted architecture we have made the decision to roll down phase 1 at this time. Instead we will be focusing our efforts on extending the reach of IBC which will provide the trustless architecture required to build a thriving, natively cross-chain ecosystem. The first instance of this being the ability for users to bridge their DOT to Picasso trustlessly via IBC.

Our bridging team is currently finalizing an IBC bridge connecting the DOT <> KSM relay chains. Additionally, we are working towards connecting to both the Cosmos and NEAR ecosystems, as well as researching light client bridging to Ethereum 2.0. The future of cross-chain DeFi has never looked more promising, and we are looking forward to sharing more on our efforts regarding trustless bridging in the future.

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