The Composable Research Forum: Our Epicenter for Open Innovation and Execution

Composable Foundation
4 min readOct 10, 2023

Today, we introduce the Composable Research Forum, an initiative that crystallizes Composable’s core values of transparency, community engagement, and relentless innovation.

Competition fuels markets, drives innovation, and, ultimately, benefits Composable. It’s a litmus test that allows the world to see that while others may try to emulate our achievements, we execute faster and better. We’re laying down the gauntlet: working in the open begins now. We thrive on competition but also know the value of collaboration. Our ecosystem is a fertile ground for audacious visions and transformative ideas.” — Omar Zaki, Founder and Core Contributor, Composable

The First Post: Crossing the Cross-Blockchain Interoperability Chasm — by Miguel Matos and 0xbrainjar

The first post on our forum features pioneering research by Miguel Matos, Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico of the Universidade de Lisboa and a Researcher at INESC-ID in the Distributed Systems Group and 0xBrainjar, Founder and Core Contributor of Composable. In this research paper, they introduce a “guest blockchain” architecture that could revolutionize the IBC Protocol, enabling seamless and secure interoperability between previously incompatible blockchains such as TRON, Solana, and NEAR.

Read the full research paper:

The Forum’s Role: A Transparent Journey from Ideation to Execution

The Composable Research Forum creates a space to allow for multiple contributors across different ecosystems to receive feedback on their concepts. It will serve as our gateway to community-driven trends and innovations, to set and build standards for the future of the blockchain industry, in real time. The forum is positioned to offer an all-encompassing experience, from the birth of an idea to its full-scale execution and market introduction. We hope to gather feedback from participants in the Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos, and other ecosystems.

Our Philosophy: Open Collaboration as an Industry Catalyst

Working in the open serves a dual purpose for us: it’s both a philosophy and an industry challenge. By sharing our research and development process, we aim to inspire and motivate other teams to elevate their game for the benefit of end-users. Let’s face it, there’s been a noticeable drift towards complacency in the industry, and that’s unacceptable. We owe it to our users — and the industry at large — to do better, work harder, and move faster.

Our Contribution: The Catalyst for Next-Level Innovation

Composable is a transformative force in the decentralized ecosystem, setting new standards for interoperability while uncompromisingly upholding decentralization and asset security. But our vision extends far beyond merely laying the infrastructure for interconnected blockchain ecosystems. We’re also actively engaged in building and collaborating on user-facing applications that will revolutionize online interactions and transactions. By abstracting order flow and making DeFi more adoptable, we’re not just participating in the industry; we’re leading it into a new era.

The Composable Research Forum amplifies this mission by inviting everyone to participate and help direct our efforts. Whether you’re a builder, user, supporter, thought leader, or educator, your ideas and conversations are invaluable to us. Join the conversation and be part of the Composable journey.

The Collaborative Advantage: Partnerships That Drive Industry Leadership

Collective contributions are a cornerstone of our strategy to bring to life novel user-focused applications. Our collaborators and contributors are integral to realizing our vision. The Composable Research Forum amplifies this collective impact, spotlighting the achievements that position us and our contributors as industry leaders.

Explore the Research Sections: A Spectrum of Innovation

The Composable Research Forum is structured to facilitate in-depth discussions and collaborative research across various domains. Here’s a brief overview of the different research sections you’ll find on the forum:


Dive into the complexities and solutions surrounding blockchain interoperability. This is the space to explore how different blockchain networks can seamlessly interact with each other, a cornerstone of our work at Composable.

Cross-Domain MEV:

Explore the frontier of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) as it extends across different blockchain domains. Discuss strategies, challenges, and the future of MEV in a multi-chain world.

Intent Expression:

Join conversations about the future of on-chain intention execution. How can we make blockchain transactions more expressive, flexible, and aligned with user intent? Share your thoughts here.

Partial Block Building:

Delve into the intricacies of partial block building, a crucial aspect of blockchain technology that has significant implications for transaction speed and system efficiency.


This section is dedicated to the algorithms and strategies that ‘search’ for optimal transaction inclusion and ordering. Discuss the latest advancements and challenges in this evolving field.


Engage in discussions about ‘solvers,’ the algorithms responsible for determining the optimal state of the blockchain. Share insights, research, and questions about this critical component of blockchain technology.


Scalability remains one of the most pressing challenges in blockchain technology. This section is for sharing research, ideas, and solutions that can help blockchain networks scale effectively.

General Discussion:

For topics that don’t directly fit into any of the above categories, the General Discussion section is your go-to space. Whether it’s emerging trends, new technologies, or overarching themes this is the place for you to engage in open dialogue.

We invite you to engage in these sections, bring your ideas, and contribute to the conversations. Your participation can help shape the trajectory of not just Composable, but the entire decentralized technology landscape.

Your Call to Action: Be Part of a Community of Trailblazers

If you’re motivated by the prospect of breaking new ground, leading transformational change, and being at the forefront of an industry revolution, then the Composable Research Forum is your arena.

This platform is more than a repository of information; it’s a rallying cry. It’s an invitation to join a community that doesn’t just forecast the future of decentralized technology — it builds it. We’re in the business of making history, and we invite you to be an integral part of this monumental journey.