The Composable Cross-Layer SDK is Now Live

Composable Finance
3 min readOct 19, 2021


We are pleased to announce another major milestone in our journey as we launch our Composable software development kit (SDK), consolidating our cross-layer capable technology to DeFi developers across the industry. Included within the SDK are the connections to our layer 2-layer 2 transferal system Mosaic, this interoperable kit will unlock cross-layer opportunities. This will allow dApps to optimize scaling solutions for the benefit of all parties involved, from developers and dApp operators to end-users.

About Composable’s SDK

Our SDK embodies our vision of propelling composability in DeFi; this kit lets solidity and frontend developers utilize our malleable infrastructure and build cross-chain solutions directly into their protocols.

The Mosaic SDK is a ground-breaking toolset that grants developers the power to build the next generation of DApps powered by our Mosaic infrastructure across all levels of development — from basic helpers providing cross-layer transferral capability to advanced composability functionality utilizing DeFi protocols, interacting with Vaults strategies, and the ability to unlock countless other capabilities etc.

With additional protocol features, our SDK interfaces directly with dApps like Curve Finance and Uniswap, creating a dynamic expansion to the tools developers can utilise. This allows developers to leverage well-established protocols to build cutting-edge sophisticated financial tools. In the near future, we plan to connect our SDK with more existing dApps to expand opportunities for developers, allowing for greater creativity and flexibility when designing protocols. In addition, we are adding more bridges to our SDK so that it will serve as a bridge aggregator.

The key to our SDK’s cross-layer interoperability is its connection with Mosaic, which allows for seamless interoperability between scaling solutions. At the moment, Mosaic’s Proof of Concept (PoC) consists of Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Moonriver, and mainnet. From here, Mosaic will grow significantly to incorporate more layer 2 (L2) platforms.

With the addition of more and more L2s to Mosaic, developers will have an increasing number of options to leverage the advantages of scaling solutions. Moreover, developers leveraging our SDK will give their end-users the opportunity to utilize the L2 of their choice while only having to engage with one user-friendly and seamless interface. New cross-chain applications can also be created, such as cross-layer yield aggregators, providing the means for novel dApp creation.

Using and Contributing to the SDK

We welcome all developers to benefit and use the power of our SDK to build their own protocols. With a focus on developer-friendliness, we have optimized our kit to be easily accessible and simple to use.

Our Composable Finance Docs portal, provides developers with easy to follow instructions to enable them to build and integrate our SDK, which can be found here.

Additionally, to open up the Composable ecosystem for development, we have launched the Composable Grant Program in which teams and individuals can apply to build dApps leveraging Mosaic and our SDK. The most promising projects to apply will receive funding in addition to developmental support from the Composable team.

Interested parties can apply for the Composable Grant program here.

Beyond our grant program, we invite developers to access our SDK and utilize Mosaic to build interoperable dApps. Further, we welcome all to contribute to our SDK by submitting pull requests for additional interfaces to be added.

We are confident that theComposable SDK will become widely utilized throughout DeFi, letting developers seamlessly integrate cross-chain interoperability into their projects. In the meantime, we will continue to further develop integrations, add more layers and additional tools to our SDK and Mosaic in the coming weeks.

To keep up to date, join in the conversation or seek technical support on integrating our SDK, developers can also join our #sdk-dev-support Discord channel.

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