Mosaic utilizes Multichain for Passive Rebalancing

Composable Finance is pleased to announce that Mosaic — our transfer availability layer built to ensure the completion of any asset transfer — is integrating with Multichain. This integration will further substantiate Mosaic’s network of external bridges utilized for passive liquidity rebalancing.

Integrating Multichain into Mosaic’s network of bridges is mutually beneficial for each project. While Mosaic leverages Multichain for advanced liquidity rebalancing, the Multichain ecosystem receives an additional liquidity source enabling it to function better as a cross-chain router protocol. As Mosaic leverages this cross-chain router, Multichain also earns transaction fees.

Mosaic has already integrated Hop, Crocswap, and Connext and will now add Multichain to the mix. Understanding the crucial need for cross-chain capabilities in DeFi, Composable has designed Mosaic to effectively facilitate cross-chain transfers regardless of volume or size.

Mosaic already has native liquidity sources in its vaults; however, by leveraging existing bridges, our next-generation infrastructure adds the ability to move assets between vaults to rebalance. This ability helps ensure that our vaults have adequate liquidity for transfers on all layers at all times.

About Multichain

Multichain, formerly known as Anyswap, is the ultimate Router for Web 3.0. As an infrastructure developed for arbitrary cross-chain interactions, Multichain powers cross-chain transfers through a network of SMPC nodes that links a source blockchain with a destination blockchain autonomously.

The solutions developed by Multichain allow almost all blockchains to inter-operate. These frictionless solutions mean no restrictions connecting different ecosystems like Ethereum, DotSama, Bitcoin, or Cosmos.

Multichain is a leader in the cross-chain field, supporting 32 prominent L1s and L2s, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, and Moonriver. The protocol has over $9.4 billion in total value locked (TVL) at the time of writing.

About Mosaic

Mosaic combines a dynamic fee model, liquidity forecasting, active liquidity management, and passive rebalancing to create a revolutionary cross-chain liquidity layer. This innovative infrastructure leverages a network of existing bridges to manage its LP vaults on different layers ensuring the ability to transfer assets cross-chain regardless of volume or size.

Mosaic has already integrated several L1s and L2s, including Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Starknet, Avalanche, Fantom, and Moonriver — all layers which Multichain supports.

Passive rebalancing is a new key module introduced in Mosaic’s Phase 2. This feature works synergistically with Mosaic’s dynamic fee model and active management. The dynamic fee model ensures that transfer fees stay low while LPs earn high yield. High-velocity bots front running transactions enable Mosaic’s active management to provide liquidity in a just-in-time manner.

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future, check out our socials:

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The face of DeFi's future.

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Composable Finance

Composable Finance

The face of DeFi's future.

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