Introducing The Composable Expedition

Composable Foundation
3 min readNov 20, 2023


Composable & Picasso’s User Engagement Program

We are thrilled to unveil the Composable Expedition, powered by $PICA and $LAYR.

This user engagement program offers a range of rewarding experiences that acknowledge and celebrate the diverse ways in which our users enrich Composable and Picasso’s growing ecosystem. Your active participation not only drives the momentum of our protocol but also reinforces a healthy foundation for sustainable growth. Explore further by checking out the Composable Expedition Notion.

💡 Composable has dedicated up to 2.5% of $PICA and up to 5% of the total $LAYR supply to this 6-month + program. 💡

The Expedition at a Glance

❗ Dynamic Missions: on & off chain tasks, earn rewards, climb ranks.

🤝 Competitions & Teams: compete alone, create or join teams in phase 2, and win rewards.

🖼️ Exclusive NFTs: prestige and utility combined.

💰 Referral Incentives: invite friends, gain reward boost.

🪂 Airdrops: stay active, claim $PICA and receive $LAYR in the future.

Phase 1 — Picasso Pioneers:

The first phase of the expedition is centered around our testnet, specifically the extension of IBC to Ethereum. It launches Monday, November 20, and will last for 4–6 weeks.

Picasso Pioneers can:

  • Engage in a variety of testnet missions, each offering distinct levels of complexity and corresponding $PICA rewards.
  • Leverage the Referral program to earn 5% of rewards earned by your referrals from missions, throughout the life of the whole Expedition.
  • $PICA rewards will be displayed on the dashboard but unlock only after Phase 1 completes.
  • Phase 1 has an individual leaderboard. The Top 10 users in the leaderboard will receive a 5% bonus which will apply throughout the life of Phase 2: Mainnet Squads.

Phase 2 — Mainnet Squads:

Mainnet Squads represent the team phase of the Composable Expedition. This phase is centered around the Mainnet launch of our IBC to Ethereum connection. Phase 2 will introduce new features, challenges, missions, and rewards for users to complete and unlock.

More information on Phase 2 will be released but here is a quick teaser:

  • Introduction of Squads — join and create teams.
  • Introduction of Fee Redistribution — Redistribution of Fee Revenue to early users.
  • Introduction of $LAYR Rewards — earn rewards which translates to future $LAYR airdrop.
  • Introduction of Expedition NFTs — climb leaderboard, earn NFTs, and boost XP earnings.

Join the Composable Expedition

We have partnered with Blocked to deepen our user relationships through an immersive and gamified interface. Embark on this novel cross-ecosystem expedition and start earning $PICA and prepare for Mainnet Squads to earn rewards for future $LAYR tokens.

Initiate Your Journey:

  1. Sign in to Blocked with Discord or Metamask
  2. Join the Composable Space
  3. Make sure to link your Discord account to your profile
  4. Connect your wallet or discord to sync with the Composable & Picasso ecosystem.

Stay Updated:

Keep track of the latest developments by following Composable and Blocked on various social platforms and join the community on Discord to engage with like-minded enthusiasts.

Actively Participate:

Delve into a variety of missions via Blocked, ascend through the ranks, close your activity rings, collaborate with peers, garner $PICA and $LAYR tokens, and climb the leaderboard to claim your due recognition.

Explore further by checking out the Composable Expedition Notion.

Thank you.

This program is a tribute to all of our supporters and a great opportunity for us to reward the invaluable contributions of our steadfast community members. Furthermore, as we continue to expand across all ecosystems this is a fun and welcoming invitation for newcomers to join our mission towards chain agnosticism.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Discord to be the first to know new information about this connection and how to participate in exciting new use cases such as these.