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Disclaimer: Information as of Oct 15, 2021. For the most recent updates, dive into our comprehensive documentation here.

Integration Announcement: Connecting Harmony One to Composable Finance’s L2-L2 Bridge

As we continue to build a completely interoperable ecosystem, Composable Labs is working with Harmony One to integrate their protocol into our cross-layer infrastructure. Harmony One will be incorporated into our Layer 2-Layer 2 Bridge, helping to ease the development of decentralized applications and expand cross-layer transfer opportunities.

More On the Collaboration:

Composable is excited to be collaborating with Harmony One to incorporate their Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain into our layer 2 (L2) transfer system. Through the addition of Harmony One, Composable will be engaging with an ecosystem that eases the development of dApps within numerous verticals such as NFTs, gaming, DeFi and more. As part of our L2-L2 bridge, Harmony’s infrastructure and projects will be able to seamlessly send and receive data from all L2s we connect.

By working directly with Harmony One, we can ensure that their technology is integrated efficiently and precisely to optimize all the features of their tech stack. This will help ensure that developers’ and end-users’ benefits are maximized as they make use of Harmony One and DeFi protocols across this and other L2 solutions.

More About Harmony One:

Harmony has the mission to scale trust and create a radically fair economy. As an interoperable sharding protocol, their 100% EVM-compatible blockchain offers cross-chain transfers with Binance, Ethereum, and a few other chains.

A major component of Harmony’s sharding is that it works on network communication, transaction validation, and the blockchain state, making the protocol fully scalable on all three aspects of the blockchain: storage, network, and transaction processing. With these scaling opportunities, applications running on their mainnet boast a two-second transaction finality speed and 10 times lower fees than those utilizing Ethereum L1.

As an open platform for collectibles, identity, assets and governance, Harmony offers a lot of possibilities in their ecosystem. Aiming to be extremely developer friendly, the protocol provides software development kits (SDKs) in several different languages, and a dApp template generator.

The protocol is built to be a system that is easy for developers working in different verticals utilizing Web 3.0 technologies. A particularly interesting vertical Harmony is focused on is non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The protocol is set to support all major NFT standards, and it has already launched an NFT marketplace, daVinci.

Understanding the value of industry connections, Harmony has established a number of partnerships throughout DeFi including those with Binance, Sushi, Huobi, Gate, and several others. Some of these partnerships also provide fiat gateways, which allow people to purchase their native token, ONE.

As Harmony works towards its goal of being the one bridge to all, Composable will play an instrumental role in connecting this protocol across chains as part of our L2-L2 bridge. As further developments take place, we will keep our community updated as we compose a harmony with this protocol.

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