Integrating Avalanche’s C-Chain into the Mosaic PoC

Composable Foundation
3 min readOct 6, 2021


Disclaimer: Information as of Oct 6, 2021. For the most recent updates, dive into our comprehensive documentation here.

Composable is pleased to announce that has integrated Avalanche’s scaling solution, the Contract Chain (C-Chain), into Mosaic to continue the expansion of its Proof of Concept (PoC). This will help us continue to grow our knowledge of developing interoperability across scaling solutions while also unlocking new opportunities and flexibility for users.

The Benefits of Avalanche’s C-Chain

Avalanche’s C-Chain is a smart contract blockchain compatible with Ethereum, a tool that leverages the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This chain is designed for applications that require total ordering.

The distinguishing feature between this C-Chain and Ethereum is that it can handle thousands of transactions per second with sub-second finality at a much lower cost. Thus, the C-Chain serves as a scaling solution for the Ethereum network. Beyond that, the Avalanche network is more attack-resistant and decentralized. These capabilities are largely in part due to Avalanche’s Snowman consensus protocol.

Through the utilization of Ethereum tools, it is simple for developers to launch their dApps and protocols on the C-Chain while making use of its advanced features. Because of its popularity with so many projects, adding Avalanche to our PoC of Mosaic will be useful to users.

The Possibilities on Mosaic

We are prioritizing adding the most impactful scaling solutions to Mosaic. With the addition of Avalanche’s C-Chain, our PoC is now composed of Polygon, Arbitrum, the Ethereum mainnet, and Avalanche.

Initially, we accepted WETH and USDC tokens into our layer 2-layer 2 transferal system when we began testing. Since the PoC launch, we have expanded to support Curve Finance’s TriCrypto tokens as well as SushiSwap LP positions and Aave aTokens.

Seeing the success of direct transfers of these tokens between the layer 2 (L2) scaling solutions and the mainnet, we are confident that it is the right time to incorporate Avalanche’s C-Chain. This addition will grant users access to transfer between any of the incorporated solutions almost instantaneously.

Through our PoC to date, we have begun to see how much more people can earn in yield by taking an active strategy in staking their liquidity on certain platforms compared to others. With the addition of Avalanche, we will learn what additional earnings and benefits users can have when bridging to and from the C-Chain.

How to Participate in Mosaic

We are reopening the ability for users to provide liquidity to the L1 vault, to give more users the ability to earn fees from our dynamic fee model, which is given to users in LAYR.

Additionally, is already live — users can now freely make swaps of the above mentioned assets between the layers we currently support.

As Composable continues to incorporate new scaling solutions and tokens, new opportunities to better utilize DeFi will emerge.

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