Dev Log no.7


  • Job producer
  • Executor (these two are covered in the previous dev log)
  • Mosaic’s rebalancing algorithm: monitors the TVL of each vault and uses external bridges to restore liquidity to meet transfer and withdrawal demands


  • Automated testing on Github
  • Unit test, looking at the smallest unit of code
  • Front-end testing
  • Integration tests are done when the developers have integrated the pallet and before connections to the frontend are established
  • Quality assurance
  • Final product validation
  • The Apollo pallet
  • Pablo LBP auction, testing for swaps in progress
  • Mosaic phase 2, and the pallet support for Substrate
  • Cubic vault pallet


  • A CosmWasm smart contract creates a set of XCVM instructions
  • Instructions are relayed over a bridge to an instance of the XCVM on the designated EVM testnet
  • In the instance of the XCVM, we spawn (set up) a new identity, execute a swap, and transfer the remaining funds to another instance of the XCVM on the second designated EVM testnet
  • We conduct another swap on the second EVM chain
  • We send back the remainder of the funds to the CosmWasm contract



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