Dev Log #14

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4 min readOct 10, 2022


Following on from our previous Dev Logs, our current focus now is in the preparation for the initial parts of our launch sequence targeting between four to five weeks from now. In a separate post we will provide further details as to what to expect ahead of launch, however, from a technical perspective we are continuing the final QA and features testing for Picasso and Pablo. We have finalized our IBC KSM<>DOT bridge from a coding perspective, which is now undergoing audits with the first testing scheduled from next week. The XCVM team now are full steam ahead with regard to the MVP after a successful demo at CosmoVerse.


We have wrapped up all the respective components for the IBC KSM<>DOT, with audits of the GRANDPA light client, IBC pallet, and IBC-rs now underway. Likewise, our Hyperspace relayer is complete and undergoing final code review. We have also implemented a contest-state process to our relayer, called Fisherman. With this system, Fisherman bots can watch for byzantine faults and prevent malicious IBC messages from being relayed. You can read more about our philosophy here:

Now, the team is fully focused on the initial tests in our testnet environments. Given that the bridge will be between both a KSM and DOT parachain, and that there exists only one Rococo public testnet for parachains, we are devising a novel approach to recreate this parachain<>parachain communication in testnet. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Outside of the DotSama ecosystem, we’re making good progress on opening up bridges to the cosmos ecosystem and NEAR. On the cosmos side, we are continuing to work with Strangelove Ventures on developing a wasm light client, which will eventually be upstreamed into ibc-go. For NEAR, we are working on NEP-384 to fetch block hashes in contract runtime:

Picasso and Pablo

The bulk of the team’s focus has been on the QA and testing ahead of launch, making small fixes as our audits make satisfactory progress. We are now 90% complete with our pallet audits, with staking-rewards and fNFTs being the final ones that will be wrapped up towards the end of the month.

Our redesign of Pablo has also now been implemented on the FE, and the final blockchain integrations are underway to prepare for the initial Picasso and Pablo launch.

Within the next week, we are preparing to start the formal process of opening XCM channels with other Kusama parachains — marking an important milestone ahead of launch. Picasso and Pablo are both built to be decentralized and permissionless chains, emphasizing that we aim to open as many channels through both XCM and IBC as possible, in order to grow a true cross-chain ecosystem.


The XCVM team unveiled the last demo last week before launching our MVP at the Cosmoverse event held in Medellin, Colombia. We showcased successfully the execution of our cross-chain swap program between Composable’s Picasso parachain on the Kusama ecosystem and Juno parachain on the Cosmos ecosystem, powered by the XCVM. For further details, our founder, 0xBrainjar, walked through the demonstration in this Twitter thread. You can also rewatch the demo hosted by our team on YouTube.

Afterwards at the HackWasm event held, Karel, our CTO, and Hussein, XCVM Principal Engineer, demoed for the first time ever our CosmWasm Interface. This new feature is based on the abstraction of our CosmWasm Virtual Machine, simplifying the orchestration experience for devs when building smart contracts, enhancing the efficiency of cross-chain development. You can check here the interface repository, as well as the VM on GitHub. Our first version of this is only the beginning and we will keep exploring and building, so look forward to more news in the future!

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