Composable’s value metrics grow as our ecosystem expands with Instrumental Finance

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3 min readNov 24, 2021

At Composable, we are working to develop and expand our internal capabilities to further attract DeFi developers looking to build upon an interoperable ecosystem. The Composable technology stack was built to be leveraged, consisting of several cutting-edge products and services for developers to seamlessly build and integrate their own turnkey solutions.

We live out our name through our composable stacks facilitating an interoperable DeFi future.

Our ecosystem is designed to put developers and end-users first by offering malleable and stackable technology that allows DeFi’s most brilliant minds to build to their creativity’s satisfaction. By providing this innovative ecosystem, Composable benefits through usage and revenue growth as new projects flourish on our underlying infrastructure.

Instrumental Finance — driving value to Composable and liquidity providers (LPs)

As projects join the ecosystem, some are built to support the Composable vision from inception while others may be integrated to leverage the ecosystem and technology. Both scenarios result in a positive network effect driving value and progression towards Composable.

Developed through Composable Labs, Instrumental Finance is a prime example of a project built around the vision of Composable. Leveraging several key features of the Composable technology stack, Instrumental aims to enable seamless chain- and layer-agnostic transfer, swapping, and liquidity provider APY maximization capabilities in order to provide novel yield generating opportunities for its users.

We encourage our community to read how Instrumental complements the Composable ecosystem, and are very excited about the future of this project as they continue to innovate within the Composable ecosystem.

Composable’s synergistic ecosystem

The relationship between the Composable ecosystem and the projects built upon it is similar to the way a gas station (or some electric car charging stations) benefits from cars — a fee is charged in exchange for the fuel a developer needs to get their project to where it needs to go.

Since Instrumental utilizes Composable’s SDK, as users begin to use Instrumental it will inherently propel the usage and revenue of Composable’s infrastructure through Mosaic’s fee structure. Instrumental is an ideal project for showcasing how builders can leverage our technology and ecosystem to provide novel and interoperable DeFi solutions.

Future Outlook

As time progresses, important value metrics will continue to be realized as projects see the benefits of our connected ecosystem and begin to involve themselves more with it. Instrumental is a vital cross layer strategy hub for DeFi LPs to maximize cross chain yield, and this kind of innovation on top of Composable is what drives our positive network effects and revenue growth. We look forward to Instrumentals continued innovation, and we are extremely excited about future projects and builders joining our ecosystem to continue building out the face of DeFi.

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