Composable’s Monthly Update: May 2023

Composable Foundation
7 min readJun 2, 2023

Welcome to our first monthly recap and update blog. We are thrilled to keep our community informed about the latest advancements, innovations, and breakthroughs within the Composable ecosystem. Each month, we’ll share insights on project progress, showcase new features, and celebrate milestones that bring us closer to our vision. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey together, fostering collaboration and growth within the broader scope of blockchain interoperability.

Let’s dive into this month’s development highlights, and take a sneak peek at what’s in store next!

Ecosystem page

We are extremely grateful for all of those who have worked with us and supported us along the way. As a small token of our appreciation we recently launched our ecosystem page where you can view our key supporters and collaborators.

Most importantly thank YOU for supporting us! Your ongoing support is a key motivator for us and we look forward to continuing our journey together towards any money, any chain, anywhere.

Community activities

We are working on several exciting community activities and initiatives. This month, we kicked off our inaugural Galxe campaign with the goal of onboarding a new user base to the DotSama ecosystem. We followed this up with an AMA on Galxe Radio, during which we rewarded participants with $500 worth of PICA tokens.

We are also working with the Galxe team on ways to better support DotSama-based teams on their platform. Check out our initial campaign and hop on Discord to discuss how we can improve upon our future campaigns.

We will be raffling away an additional $250 worth of PICA to our community members with the Beta Tester or Early Centauri Adopter role, which can be gained by completing the Galxe campaign below 👇

Additionally, Composable users can now complete in-app challenges to earn rewards and a chance to win their share of $30k in DOT on the EasyA App!


Our KSM <> DOT Centauri connection launched at the end of April, marking the first implementation of IBC outside of the Cosmos and the first trustless connection between the Kusama and Polkadot relay chains. You can now transfer assets between the two by visiting

This also marked the first instance of several new liquidity pools made up of both Polkadot and Kusama assets. All pools can be found on

Incentivized Centauri testnet

A key step in realizing our vision is the connection of the Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems. In May we made significant progress in this regard with the conclusion of our first Centauri testnet and initiation of our second, incentivized testnet.

Pablo LP staking live w/ incentives

LP staking went live on Pablo, and incentives are still live for another 7 weeks!

~25 Million PICA has been allocated for each of the following pools:

  • PICA / KSM
  • PICA / DOT

And ~21 Million PICA has been allocated for each of these pools:

  • KSM / USDT
  • DOT / USDT
  • DOT / KSM

Check out the APR%s below 🚀

CosmWasm deployed to Picasso Rococo

Permissionless smart contracts are on the horizon for Picasso! Our CosmWasm VM was successfully deployed to the Picasso Rococo testnet, meaning that developers can now start testing their Wasm-based smart contracts on-chain.

CosmWasm guides & grants

Speaking of CosmWasm on Rococo, we have 45,000,000 PICA available for protocol teams interested in deploying on Picasso and an additional 101,500,000 PICA allocated for community incentives. Check out the full details in our blog here, and reach out to our team on Discord to apply for a grant!

XCM channel openings

We have been exploring the possibilities enabled by Centauri’s connection of the Polkadot and Kusama relay chains with various parachains in an ongoing series of Twitter Spaces. Of the teams we have spoken to we have already begun opening the following connections on Picasso:

  • Tinkernet
  • Bifrost
  • Shiden
  • Karura
  • Statemine

As well as the following Composable connections:

  • Equilibrium
  • Bifrost
  • Astar Network

Nova & Talisman wallet support

Centauri users rejoiced as we added Talisman support to

And you can now view your assets across Composable & Picasso on the go thanks to the Nova Wallet team!

A look ahead: an overview of next month’s goals and objectives

Now that we’ve covered our key shipments from last month, let’s talk a little bit about what else we have planned.


KSM <> DOT connection

We are continuing our efforts to open XCM channels with other parachain teams. Additionally, stay on the lookout as we will begin adding these teams and connections to the Centauri frontend.

Centauri <> Cosmos

Testing has entered its third stage, meaning we are edging towards the rollout of mainnet launch. We currently have all-hands on deck to prepare for mainnet launch before the end of June! However, due to the nature of testnets and the scale of this particular testnet, we will keep you updated on this timeline as the situation progresses.

Additionally, we are collaborating with several teams to open channels between DotSama <> Cosmos at launch. To support the launch we will be hosting several AMAs in regards to this connection with different partners and collaborators from both ecosystems. Support us by joining the first of these AMAs next Tuesday, June 6th at 11:00 EST with Sunny, Zaki, and Brainjar 👇

FE and UI/UX

We are extremely excited about the rollout of Centauri! Our Research and Design teams are consistently exploring ways to improve the experience of our users and developers. A main goal of the next month is to deep dive into the possibilities of cross-ecosystem experience both for the improvement of efficiency and the usability. We understand that many of our community members are looking forward to transaction abstraction as they perform functionalities across these various Centauri connected ecosystems and we are hard at work to design and develop exactly that. We will continue to improve the UX as we research industry standards and improve upon them to break into new levels of user experience.

What’s Next for Centauri?

As we gear up for the launch of DotSama <> Cosmos, our research team is already well underway in exploring several other ecosystems to connect to via Centauri. At the moment, we don’t want to dive too deep into our advancements in regards to connecting to further ecosystems but we hope that our community understands that we are working towards — Any money, Any chain, Anywhere — and a giant part of this vision is for us to connect to Ethereum, NEAR and others — stay tuned.


CosmWasm VM mainnet

As stated before, our CosmWasm VM is officially on the Picasso-Rococo testnet. We will continue to test and onboard test participants in preparation for the mainnet launch. We have received interest from various teams and are in the process of onboarding them. Once we have run sufficient tests with our participants and their applications on Rococo we will push the CosmWasm VM to mainnet.

Trustless token flow

With the coming launch of our Centauri <> Cosmos connection, Cosmos assets will soon be available on Picasso and vice versa. This of course has some interesting results for the Pablo DEX which we will continue to discuss in the next section.


New pools, new incentives (WiP)

As we roll out DotSama <> Cosmos we have are excited to start unveiling what new pools and incentives will be launched. Assets from our partners in the Cosmos ecosystem will soon be possible to transfer to Picasso, and therefore become available to DotSama users on Pablo in the form of new liquidity pools. These pools will be accompanied by a new set of incentives, stay tuned for more information leading up to the official launch (*cough* join the AMA with Zaki and Sunny).

Permissionless pools (R&D)

Another focus in the next month is the discovery, research, and initial development regarding the launch of permissionless pools on Pablo. With permissionless pools anyone will be able to open up a new liquidity pool on Pablo, opening the door for protocol & CosmWasm teams to launch their own pools, or for anyone to launch any pool they can imagine.

Coingecko / Coinmarketcap update (WiP)

We understand the importance of this and are working hard on the API database configuration and structure rework to enable and allow Substrate monitoring and visibility for the introduction and integration into these price-tracking and monitoring websites. This is not a trivial task and we will continue to keep our community updated on the progress. This remains on our roadmap and we plan to have it completed as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for updates on our progress throughout the month and for our next monthly recap.