Composable Finance Launches #RaiseTheCap Meme Competition

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2 min readJul 3, 2021


Many of you were with us as it happened. Our parachain auction vault was open for less than 8 hours before capping out. Of course, we didn’t expect anything less — you lot aren’t much for sleeping in.

To celebrate the achievement we’re launching the #RaiseTheCaps meme contest.

We want to see your best meme, artwork, infographic, or any type of visual representation that best conveys your excitement for the #RaiseTheCaps event next week. Let’s get these vaults back open!!

How to enter Composable #RaiseTheCap Meme Contest

  • 1️. Enter Here
  • 2️. Tweet your meme, tag @ComposableFin, and add a hashtag #RaiseTheCap
  • 3. Use the hashtag #RaiseTheCap in your tweet, tag at least 3 friends and submit your work on Discord Channel

As simple as it can get! Share your tweet with friends, and ask them to like and retweet. More likes and retweets mean more chances to win and land in our top 10.

All memes should be sent by Thursday, July 11th at 10PM CET. At that point the team will upload the top 10 (based on reacts and some good ol’ centralized discretion) and let the community vote for the winners. Voting will be open in Discord for 24 hours.

— — — — — — — — — — —

The winners of the Composable #RaiseTheCaps Contest will get the following rewards

• 1st place: $300

• 2nd place: $200

• 3rd place: $100

• 4th place: $100

• 5th to 10th place: $50

— — — — — — — — — — — —

Competition Timeline


• Open — July 3rd at 2PM CET

• Closed to submissions — July 11th at 10PM CET


• Open — July 11th at 11PM CET

• Closed — July 12th at 11PM CET

Winners will be announced at close of voting. We’re excited to see what you create!

— — — — — — — — — — — —


• Don’t spam your meme in the channels

• The meme shouldn’t contain any links outside of Composable

• Nothing NSFW

• Composable Finance is not responsible for any copyright infringements; be careful with what you use

• Don’t make excessive entries unless they’re all amazing



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