Composable Finance launches grants program for CosmWasm developers

Eligible projects will receive up to $100,000 and receive support from Composable Labs

Composable Foundation
4 min readMay 15, 2022

Disclaimer: Information as of May 15, 2022. For the most recent updates, dive into our comprehensive documentation here.

Composable Finance is on a mission to actualise the cross-chain smart contract ecosystem that is required for ultimate interoperability. To accelerate the development of cutting edge cross-chain products within the Composable ecosystem notably with the reveal of the XCVM, Composable Finance is launching a grants programme for developers and projects building with CosmWasm. The grants program is one out of our multifaceted strategies to attract and support innovators that utilize and build with CosmWasm. Our aim is to ignite an industry-wide revolution of cross-chain applications using our XCVM whose de facto language for spinning up interoperable smart contracts is CosmWasm.

Expediting our grants program to support builders affected by the recent Terra ecosystem events

The events that have transpired over the past couple of days within the Terra ecosystem have resulted in unmeasurable loss to the crypto community at large and builders alike. Our team at Composable Finance recognizes the hard time CosmWasm developers are facing in the Terra community. Hence, to keep the innovative spirits of builders alive, Composable Finance has decided to fast track our grants program to offer up to $100,000 in grants, per project, to come build within the Composable ecosystem.

The Composable Parachain is a custom built L1 intended to execute route orders for the XCVM. The XCVM, an IBC-connected cross-chain smart contract environment, allows for the orchestration of function calls across multiple ecosystems. As an extension of CosmWasm, the XCVM allows Terra developers to easily utilize the Composable framework to deploy on our Polkadot Parachain to tap into the unique features that are offered. Our team will counsel and work directly with projects that choose to build with us to ensure proper deployment.

Whilst we note that this time is extremely difficult for the affected projects, we welcome all inquiries and encourage innovators within Terra’s ecosystem looking for a new base to take advantage of this opportunity to develop their projects with our technology stack, hands-on support from our team, and resources. The Composable Labs team is fully on ground and prepared to help with the transition to ensure that projects can independently flourish in our ecosystem. We are mission-focused at Composable Finance as we want to enable innovators with tools and the needed financial support to help create an interoperable future for DeFi as we press on with our product development. We plan to make this a reality through collaboration and partnerships, one medium of which we hope will actualize through this grants program.

Beyond the grant funding, Composable Finance is committed to helping projects become scalable and as impactful as possible. To this respect, the team at Composable Labs will be on hand to help grow and scale through strategic guidance, resourcing support and marketing growth dependent on the project needs.

“As a builder, it will always be our team’s commitment to ensure that we can support and help other builders develop. Collectively and collaboratively is the only way that we can truly overcome the obstacles for mass adoption for the Web3 space. The recent events have been truly shocking but a stark signal that now more than ever Composable’s vision for a cross-chain future is not only a guiding principle but a necessity that must be achieved by all means necessary. I look forward to welcoming builders, innovators, and their teams to the Composable ecosystem, and helping them further evolve their ideas and products.” 0xbrainjar, Founder and CEO of Composable Finance

CosmWasm innovators, apply today.

We encourage interested parties to apply or reach out to learn more about how our ecosystem has the potential to support robust innovation with the necessary scalability, security and sustainability. As the grants programme is up to $100,000 per project, a small financial plan should be presented at a later stage when in discussion with the grants team.

For projects wishing to apply please fill out the attached form, to register your interest and our team will reach out for more details. For any informal enquiries pertaining to Composable Finance or the grants programme please reach out on our discord channel under the Grants tab.

General Interest & Application Form

About Composable Finance, XCVM, CosmWasm

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The Composable XCVM uses IBC and CosmWasm smart contracts to create an environment that serves as the final orchestration layer and singular place developers can write cross-chain smart contracts.

The XCVM will create the ultimate user-experience by CosmWasm and allows for true composability across several DeFi ecosystems to allow developers to build once, deploy once and reap cross-ecosystem communication for their dApps. The XCVM can achieve this as it heavily leverages IBC to communicate with other smart contracts external to the dApp environment.

Gateway to Cosmos, Prague

The Composable Finance will be attending the Gateway to Cosmos conference, in Prague on Monday 16- Tuesday 17 May 2022. Please feel free to reach out to us in person and meet us at our booth to discuss how we can support you and build together.

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