Composable Finance launches grants program for CosmWasm developers

Eligible projects will receive up to $100,000 and receive support from Composable Labs

Expediting our grants program to support builders affected by the recent Terra ecosystem events

The events that have transpired over the past couple of days within the Terra ecosystem have resulted in unmeasurable loss to the crypto community at large and builders alike. Our team at Composable Finance recognizes the hard time CosmWasm developers are facing in the Terra community. Hence, to keep the innovative spirits of builders alive, Composable Finance has decided to fast track our grants program to offer up to $100,000 in grants, per project, to come build within the Composable ecosystem.

CosmWasm innovators, apply today.

We encourage interested parties to apply or reach out to learn more about how our ecosystem has the potential to support robust innovation with the necessary scalability, security and sustainability. As the grants programme is up to $100,000 per project, a small financial plan should be presented at a later stage when in discussion with the grants team.

General Interest & Application Form

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