Composable Announces the Completion of Trail of Bits’ Audit

Composable Finance is pleased to announce the completion of an audit of various aspects of its protocol by renowned blockchain security auditing firm Trail of Bits. This audit specifically involved a review of Composable’s Polkadot vault strategies and Equal Cash (EQLC) stablecoin. This audit helps fulfill Composable’s goal of providing the best services to its users, which necessitates delivering a secure and useful platform.

What did this audit involve?

Trail of Bits performed an audit of the smart contract code behind Composable’s and EQLC. Once Trail of Bits had reviewed the code, the firm made suggestions on addressing any points of weakness, which we worked on with Stela Labs to remediate.

Where are the results of this audit posted?

In alignment with its mission of maintaining transparency and optimally catering to its users, Composable is publishing the results of the Trail of Bits audit; details of the audit’s findings and recommendations, along with any subsequent implementations, can be found at .

More about Trail of Bits

Trail of Bits () is a near decade-old cybersecurity auditing firm that has worked to secure some of the most prominent and highly targeted software products and technology organizations. The firm has particular expertise in blockchain technology, which, despite its overall security, is commonly targeted by nefarious actors like hackers.

Trail of Bits has developed a signature method for auditing blockchain code. Its methodology combines top-quality research in the cybersecurity field with the approaches of a real-world hacker. This allows Trail of Bits to assess a codebase’s resiliency against even highly sophisticated hacking strategies. Once Trail of Bits has reviewed a smart contract, it identifies any code weaknesses and provides suggestions.

Following this audit, Composable will continue to work on its interoperability components, particularly those supporting the procurement and development of a Polkadot parachain capable of running multiple smart contracts in parallel. Additional components will also undergo security audits to ensure that users of our future cross-chain, cross-layer interoperable infrastructure will be well protected.

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