Bi-weekly Dev Log #2

  • Mosaic opens one of the first Substrate<>EVM bridges, allowing Picasso to onboard a significant amount of TVL and users
  • Pablo DEX and Angular — a borrowing/lending protocol, provide Substrate-native yield opportunities, with several innovations such as AMM owned liquidity to ensure sustainable yields
  • A suite of infrastructure products to allow other teams to build never-seen-before applications on Substrate. These infrastructure products include the Apollo oracle, the Cubic vault, and Centauri, a trustless bridge between Cosmos and DotSama
  • Composable is also incubating several advanced DeFi applications that make use of its infrastructures, such as Instrumental, which allows for cross-layer LP pair transfers and liquidity provisioning.
Progress overview, see the post for details on each component



  • Cubic and Apollo are under review/ audit. We have engaged Halborn and Codean to audit the pallets and runtime on Picasso. Halborn completed the audit of several pallets, including vesting and Mosaic, it will continue with further reviews and fuzzing (using randomly generated inputs to test corner cases). The audit is scheduled to be completed by the end of April
  • CHAOS is under development as we are finalizing the new financial NFT (fNFT) design and building the necessary pallet. The new pallet will allow us to implement the fNFT tokenomics across all of our ecosystem protocols. We will release detailed content on this shortly, as we finalize improved and updated tokenomics across PICA, LAYR, PBLO, and introduce new mechanics for CHAOS. The updates to CHAOS allow us to more effectively capture and compound value through our core tokens, moving away from the initial rebasing concept.
  • Pablo is also under development and QA, as we’re adding a new functionality for tracking pool prices, this is scheduled to be completed by mid-April
  • Several nodes are accessible, you can replace ‘/alice’ with ‘/bob’, ‘/charlie’, ‘/dave’
  • You can use the usual developer accounts `Alice`, `Bob` etc…
  • Similarly to the parachain, several nodes are available for the relaychain, you can replace ‘/alice’ with ‘/bob’, ‘/charlie’


Short form:



CHAOS Treasury

Picasso audit



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