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4 min readNov 25, 2021


Disclaimer: Information as of Nov 25, 2021. For the most recent updates, dive into our comprehensive documentation here.

Dedicatedly working over the course of our project, our team at Composable Finance has concluded and released its whitepaper! Now, developers, end-users, investors and DeFi enthusiasts can read through our vision, overview, and infrastructure plans for creating the face of DeFi’s future.

Our whitepaper breaks down everything in detail while compiling our knowledge and thoughts for innovation all in one convenient location. Whether it’s breaking down the architecture in Composable’s Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM) or delving into detail on Mosaic’s three phases of design, anyone can peruse the document to gain a full understanding of exactly what Composable is doing.

⭐ Recapping Composable’s vision — a whitepaper preview ⭐

We see the natural evolution of a cross-chain DeFi entailing developers and users interacting seamlessly with protocols, regardless of where their assets live. This evolution is why our core mission at Composable Finance is to build a fully interoperable future capable of offering developers and end-users a seamless utility and experience.

Through simplifying and unifying DeFi with new interoperability standards, we are accelerating DeFi into the mainstream. We are crafting a transparent, interoperable future for DeFi 2.0 and Web 3.0. Our vision of hyper liquidity and composability abstracts away the underlying technology into a single interface, unlocking the potential for new primitives to be developed at an unprecedented pace. Through our work, protocol-to-protocol interactions will become possible across ecosystems.

We are embarking on a vast and growing opportunity in architecting and building infrastructure that allow developers to deploy applications capable of interoperating across layers and chains autonomously. We believe that the applications of such a stack are the catalyst for the next DeFi revolution.

📚 Overviewing Composable’s technology stack 📚

To create Composable’s innovative vision, we are building the necessary interoperable infrastructure to bring about DeFi’s next revolution. Through this effort, we are stacking multiple pieces of infrastructure enabling ourselves to become a catalyst for bringing DeFi into the mainstream. In our whitepaper, we break down all of our infrastructure in detail

Composable’s Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM)

The XCVM is a single, developer-friendly interface to interact and orchestrate smart contract functions across the multitude of layer 1 (L1) and layer (L2) networks available. In short, the XCVM abstracts complexity from the process of having to send instructions to the routing layer directly, initiates call-backs into smart contracts, and handles circuit failures such as network outages.

The Composable Routing Layer

Our routing layer solves two problems: constructing and maintaining a graph of the different chains and bridges available, and finding the best route at a given time. With the increasing number of L1 and L2 chains, and the different available bridge solutions between them, maintaining a live graph of all the connections is not a trivial task.

Innovation Availability Layer (IAL)

Our core design is centered around integration of cutting edge technologies across ecosystems, such as the Inter-blockchain Communication protocol (IBC), Cross-Consensus Message Format (XCM) and zero-knowledge based bridges. The IAL offers a protocol to upgrade bridging technologies without downtime, as well as an API stability guarantee for smart-contracts. Users and protocols alike will be able to interact through this singular interface to dispatch complex operations.


At the core of our communication stack lies our parachains for communication between parachains in Dotsama and IBC-enabled ecosystems — including the Cosmos Network. Our parachains will function as the incentivization layer for light client data storage and proving. We have already procured a Kusama parachain, Picasso, and will be pursuing a Polkadot parachain in the near future.


Given that our parachains are the foundational layer that powers our ecosystem, we have adopted a pallet-centric approach to adding products on our parachains. This means, we will offer projects the ability to deploy as pallets on our chain with decentralized, stake-based governance, having the ability to upgrade these pallets into the runtime of our chains.


Mosaic is an optimistic cross-layer asset transferal system based on advanced liquidity management, single-sided liquidity pools and a relayer network. At its core, Mosaic consists of a network of bridges operated by relayers interacting with smart contracts on source and destination chains.


Our living whitepaper goes further in depth on all of these subjects and more breaking down the minute details any DeFi enthusiast and newcomer would want to know about Composable. This includes research on liquidity forecasting, rebalancing logic, and detailed graphics showing exactly how our infrastructure works together. We encourage DeFi users, developers and our community to take a minute to read (and potentially bookmark the page) our whitepaper to learn about everything Composable.

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