Announcing the Picasso Roadmap

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4 min readAug 28, 2021

With the imminent launch of our KSM crowdloan, Composable is pleased to announce additional detail regarding the remainder of its roadmap for Picasso as it progresses towards the launch of this parachain ecosystem.

Our plans are broken down into four main initiatives: parachain procurement, on-chain governance implementation, parachain launch, and pallet addition infrastructure. Details are as follows:

Parachain Procurement at Auction:

Release Picasso Parachain Lease Offering (PLO) Strategy — COMPLETED

  • Information on our crowdloan/PLO strategy is available here.

Deploy Picasso to Rococo — COMPLETED

Deploy Picasso to Westend — COMPLETED

Launch Picasso Crowdloan — Commenced

  • Our crowdloan is nearly up and running, accessible here for users to participate in and be rewarded with our Picasso Network (PICA) tokens.

Publish Chain Genesis

  • We will post the Picasso chain genesis in a publicly available platform, to be announced.

Bid in Kusama Auction

  • We will begin bidding in Kusama parachain auctions, starting on September 1 and continuing through the subsequent 4 slots as well if needed.

Win Parachain Slot

On-Chain Governance Implementation:

Create Community Governance Forum

  • We will establish a forum as a means of governing Picasso by the community.

Form Technical Council

  • Composable will create a technical council to drive technology-related decisions in the Picasso Network.

Upgrade Runtime

  • We will upgrade our runtime to have a governance Substrate pallet, allowing for decentralized governance capabilities such as DAO governance with token-based votes.

Release Picasso Network Token

  • We will release our Picasso Network (PICA) token, which will be distributed to participants in our Picasso crowdloan. The PICA token will have a number of essential uses in Picasso, including voting on which pallets to add to the platform. More information on the PICA token and its use cases and distribution can be found here.

Pallet Addition:

Launch Apollo: The MEV-Resistant Oracle Pallet

  • Apollo is the first Substrate pallet being created by Composable for Picasso. Oracles are an essential primitive in DeFi, and Apollo has the added benefit of being miner/minimum extractable value (MEV)-resistant. More details on Apollo are here.

Launch Cubic: The Vaults Pallet

  • The Cubic pallet is the second pallet being added by Composable to Picasso. Vaults represent a core feature of the DeFi landscape, and will act to support any number of strategies on Picasso, including other pallets and ecosystems. More information on Cubic is located here.

Create Additional Essential Pallets

  • Composable Labs is working to develop additional pallets as well, including an isolated lending pairs pallet and others that add important and innovative features to Picasso for developers to capitalize upon.

Create Grants Program for Pallets

  • Composable seeks community input at all levels, and is thus inviting community developers to create pallets for Picasso. To ensure the success of these pallets, Composable is providing funding and developmental support to the most promising and innovative pallets in the form of grants.

Picasso Parachain Launch:

Audit Picasso

  • The Picasso code will be thoroughly audited by a third-party security auditing firm to ensure it is best protected against nefarious actions and bugs.

Create a Testnet for Picasso

  • Composable will launch its own testnet to custom-test Picasso; this testnet will be called Dalí.

Release Picasso Frontend

  • The frontend of a dApp or network is essential, as this is where users interact with it (and developers are able to build with our pallets). Thus, our talented team of frontend and UI/UX designers are working to optimize these features so that Picasso is as streamlined and intuitive as possible.

Launch Chain

  • Of course, our ultimate goal is to launch the Picasso chain, and thus introduce DeFi early on into the Polkadot ecosystem, powering applications including crypto lending, options protocols, and anything else developers can dream up and build with our pallets.

Launch Community Collator Program

  • We will incentivize the community to run Picasso collator nodes via this program to allow the network to function smoothly; rewards and staking for collators will also be in the form of PICA, representing another important use case for this token.

A visual version of our roadmap is available on notion, where you are also able to see our progress along each initiative. We are grateful for the community’s interest and participation so far, and are excited to be close to finally delivering Picasso to you, with your input.

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future, check out our socials:

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