Announcing the Composable Content competition with up to $5,000 USDC reward pool

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2 min readDec 18, 2021

To celebrate the festive season and to involve the community in our effort to win a Polkadot parachain slot, we’re happy to announce a $5000 Composable content competition. We recognise and value the role that our community has played in our success so far, and would therefore like to take this opportunity to host several content categories for people to participate in.

This will also pre-empt the launch of our Ambassador programme, where we are looking forward to welcoming the community and supporting their contributions even further. Whilst there will still be a separate application process for ambassadors, we would like to highlight that any entries for the below competition will also be noted for any future ambassador applicants.

$5000 to be won across five different categories

For these entries, the most important factor is the relevance to Composable and our Polkadot parachain. We appreciate memes and content from all degens, but please keep it specific to the competition rules as it will be judged accordingly:

The best entries from each category will be rewarded with $1000 worth of USDC.

Please ensure that all entries are posted on Twitter with the specific category hashtag. This is how we will collect and judge entries, so this is the most important step to complete.

Best Composable meme — #ComposableMeme

Make it your best meme that’s specific to Composable — all things cross-chain, pallets, and gigabrain

Best educational article or Twitter thread — #ComposableExplained

Highlighting and explaining the Composable vision and ecosystem to appeal to a broader audience

Best infographic — #ComposableInfographic

  • For the designers out there, get your creative energy flowing with infographics or posters that describe the Composable vision, or even our specific crowdloan rewards and tokenomics

Best video or GIF — #ComposableMedia

This can include educational or hype related content, but most importantly it will be judged on its relevance to Composable and the creativity and effort behind it

Best Composable inspired NFT or art — #ComposableArt

For all the artists out there that can think of a way to use Composable as inspiration, whether it’s the concept of cross-chain, bridging, or pallets.

Please ensure that entries are posted on twitter with one of the relevant category hashtags:

  • #ComposableMeme
  • #ComposableExplained
  • #ComposableInfographic
  • #ComposableMedia
  • #ComposableArt

Applications will be open until 30th December. After this date, all entries will be collected through the Twitter hashtags, with the winners announced within the first 2 weeks of January.

Learn more on how you can support Composable through our Ambassador Program

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future, check out our socials:

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